National Cheeseburger Day & Why We Love Them So Much

September 18th, 2023 is NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER DAY! Who doesn’t love a cheeseburger? Juicy, savory, and oh-so-delicious, cheeseburgers are one of America’s favorite fast foods. In fact, according to a study by the NPD Group, 38% of Americans say they eat at least one cheeseburger per week!

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The Legendary Career of Henry Rice: A True Icon of Bronco’s

Henry Rice, the man who has grilled up sizzling burgers at Bronco’s in Omaha for over six decades, is a true legend in the restaurant industry. With a career spanning generations, Henry’s commitment to his craft and his unwavering dedication to his customers have made him an icon in the community. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Henry Rice, highlighting his early days at Bronco’s and his impact on the lives of those around him.

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Wish Henry Rice a Happy Birthday! August 18th is Henry’s birthday, and we know he’d love to hear from all of you. Use the form below to send Henry your birthday wishes and maybe a story or two.

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  • Reviews

    • Redalian L.10/30/2022
      Our meals were really good. Hadn't had for a while, so they were delicious!! The tenderloin was fantastic... read more
    • Tom “.10/20/2022
      Love the food, I had the OMG meal. It had a huge burger and was juicy and delicious!
      The crew...
      read more
    • Patrick C.8/02/2022
      Visited this place on our recent trip to Omaha. My Mother has shared stories of her college days eating... read more
    • Holly G.7/24/2022
      Love eating here! The food is always really good and the nice thing is it doesn't break the bank! It's... read more
    • Lehr D.6/29/2022
      I had heard that they switched the buns. The new ones are okay but I prefer the old. ... read more
    • Jewell W.6/25/2022
      No problems. Good food. Decent deal. Nice staff. Quick too!
    • Mike C.6/23/2022
      Was there today installing a new pinball machine...the best part was getting some of the first fries cooked today, ... read more
    • Kent6/20/2022
      Delicious, but too greasy. There's a way to keep that juicy flavor without it soaking through the bag. ... read more
    • Big D.6/15/2022
      Bronco's is delicious! The big bronco and the double cheeseburger especially! Their fries are delicious as well plus they give... read more
    • Joseph M.6/03/2022
      First time here. Good burger place it's not often you go eat and the food is hot. Like burn your... read more
    • Keith A.6/02/2022
      Bronco's is an Omaha staple and this location doesn't disappoint. The building and fixtures seem original, but are clean... read more
    • Leigh J.5/28/2022
      Old fashioned good food. Hand breaded pork fritter was good and my husband liked his burger. Waffle fries... read more
    • Just a.5/20/2022
      Very rarely do I take the time to give a review but this was the best burger I’ve had in... read more
    • Cindy M.5/13/2022
      Good food. Got food to go to visit a relative. He requested Broncos. It had been a really long time.... read more
    • Marcia D.4/30/2022
      5 star rating
      The service is really slow , many people are not coming back to work. I

      that's okay too . Chicken breast...
      read more
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