Best Picnic Spots This Summer

2021 Best Of Omaha Go Vote For UsJULY is National Picnic Month and there’s no better place to start your family picnic than here at Bronco’s.  But, where do you go after the Drive-Thru?

We’ll share a few places some folks have voted for, but we’d love to hear about your best picnic spots.  Unless of course it’s a family secret, in which case let us know via private message.  We won’t tell anyone, we promise.

Tell us your favorite Picnic Spot in the comments here, or on our Social Media posts.  We see them all, and it’s nice to share.  We’re all one big family here.

Here are a few more local best picnic spots near us here in Eastern Nebraska.  Thanks to Best Things NE website for this information. 

Chalco Hills Recreation Area, Omaha, NE

Located just outside the city limits of Omaha, Chalco Hills offers 245 acres of space for hiking, walking, and of course, enjoying a picnic.

Elmwood Park, Omaha, NE

One of the largest parks in Omaha, Elmwood Park is a spacious spot right in the heart of the city with plenty of room for picnics around the lagoon.

Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, NE

Standing Bear Lake provides plenty of wooded space for picnics and gatherings without being surrounded by other groups. On one end of the park, you’ll find some great picnic spots overlooking the lake.