Bronco’s Quiz – The Answers

Congratulations to the 4 winners of this quiz.  We had 200 entries and out of these, 10 people guessed the same number of questions correctly.  We took these 10 entries and picked the top 4 at random.

These winners were all notified by email.

What did they win?

#1 – $100 in Bronco’s Gift Cards

#2 – $50 in Bronco’s Gift Cards

#3 – $25 in Bronco Bucks

#4 – Free Tee Shirt in Any Size

Here’s the answers to the questions we used to select the winners.  

Q: What year is the Bronco’s Caddy?
A: 1966

Q: Which is older, the Leavenworth Sign or the Bronco’s Caddy?
A: The sign is older – 1961

Q: What is longer, the short bus or the caddy?
A: The short bus

Q: What year was the FIRST Bronco’s opened in Omaha?
A: 1959 (some people actually got this wrong)

Q: Where was the FIRST Bronco’s location?
A: 30th & Fort in North Omaha

Q: Who holds the record for longest Bronco’s Employee?
A: Our beloved Henry Rice – of course.

Q: Who is Bronco’s General Manager and what is his/her relationship with the original owner.
A: Blake Barnes, grandson of Bill Barnes who started Bronco’s.

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