Celebrate National Greasy Foods Day

Today, you can feel good about your favorite comfort foods because it’s National Greasy Foods Day!  And here at Bronco’s, we’re all about comfort food.

Our love of the fried foods goes all the way back to… no, not Germany, or France or even Greece (pun intended).  The origin of fried foods is said to have begun in Scotland back in the Middle Ages.

The Scots deep-fried their chickens which was different than their fellow islanders to the south who baked or broiled theirs.

Today, you can find almost EVERY food imaginable (and some you can’t) deep fried in Scotland.  Attend a fair in Glasgow if you’re lucky and you’ll see what we mean.

Since today is a very special day, why not really splurge.  Did you know you can get BACON on any of our sandwiches?  Yep, there are a few additional ingredients we’ve got handy that we’ll gladly add to your sandwich, just ask.