Celebrating Star Wars Day

Today is May the Fourth, and unless you’re new to this galaxy you know what significance this holds.  “Star Wars Day” has been celebrated in one way or another since 1977 when the first Star Wars movie hit theaters (Episode IV – A New Hope).

The History of Star Wars Day:  It was over 40 years ago now that George Lucas premiered the first movie of his original trilogy, Episode IV.  Film critic Roger Ebert said at the time, “Like ‘The Birth Of  A Nation and Citizen Kane’, Star Wars was a technical watershed that influenced many of the movies that came after.”

Most people aren’t aware of when the phrase “May the Fourth be with you” actually began.  It’s reported to have been used first by Margaret Thatcher’s political party to congratulate her on her election on May 4th, 1979, and the saying quickly caught on.

Celebrate Star Wars with Bronco’s: To help make today a bit special, we’re going to start a poll and run it for a week.  Use the poll below and tell us your favorite Star Wars Film so far.  If you’d like to enter to win a FREE BRONCO’S MEAL*, enter your name and email address and we’ll pick two people at random after the polls close.  You must enter your name and email address to win.  You will also be subscribed to receive our newsletters if you’re not already.

The Poll will run until Friday the 13th (of May).  We’ll announce the winners in our May Newsletter.  Good luck!

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