Happy Retirement Henry!

Henry Retirement

After 61 years here at Bronco’s, Henry is retiring.  Henry worked with a lot of people over the years in a number of locations and many of you let Henry know what he meant to you. He loved to hear from you all.

Henry will truly be missed.


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Barry Lee

Sincere Heartfelt Congrats Henry!! Take care of yourself! I love ya! Barry

Jean Handler

Thank you for your many years of service 🎈🎈🎈

Carol Lund

Henry you've been an important part of my life for those 61 years. You will be truly missed. God bless you dear friend. Happy retirement. Have fun!!!

Dan Stewart

I've been eating with you for 47 years. Thank you for making so many people happy for so long.

Sam Houska

Good job at being an inspiring grandpa and a hard worker

Kim (Marshall) Talamantes

Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you for hiring me for my first job! I wouldn’t be where I am today, if you did not provide me the opportunity to join the workforce. 😊

Kelly Witt

Congratulations Henry!! Enjoy the time with family and travel as much as you can. Thank you for all the years at Broncos. Have always enjoyed eating there.

Kelley Miller

Happy Retirement Henry! You Deserve All The Best! Go Fishing! 😊

Stacy Rice Houska

I could not be prouder of my dad! He is an example of hard work and dedication. His huge personality, humor, and kindness are what make him shine so bright. Love you dad! Now take a break.

Susie Starman

Congratulations Henry. Now go enjoy life to the fullest! Take care of yourself!

Shannon Lutter

You’ve influenced so many generations, watch so many of us grow up and taught us so much! You probably will never have any idea of how truly wonderful you are! Thanks for being just as an amazing Dad! ♥️♥️♥️
Now take sometime to for yourself!!
Love you Shannon

Aaron Barnes

Congratulations Henry. I worked at Broncos for three years and you were one of my managers great guy I hope you enjoy retirement.

Jeni Clark

Wow Mr. Rice!! 61 years! How cool! Congratulations and I wish you all the best! I loved working at Broncos with Stacy and Anna back in high school. Enjoy retirement!!

Deb (Lawhead) Arnold

Oh my goodness, Henry! I can’t believe you are actually retiring! So happy for you! Take a break, would ya? Congrats! Enjoy retirement! 😊

James Kaufman

Thank you Henry! I hope you enjoy you’re well deserved retirement.

Scott Francis

Best wishes in your retirement!!! Always loved Broncos and not just when I was drinking haha

Seriously, best of luck Henry!

Pauline Petersen

Thank you and Happy Retirement , best memories for my Mom and I❤🌹

Bob Eaton

Remember you when you worked at Broncos 30th and Fort. Congratulations on your retirement buddy you deserve it 🍔🍾🎊🎈🍷🥂

Mike Jones


Cindy Fox

Congratulations! Enjoy your retirement!

Matt Houska

Congrats on retirement! Your hard work has made you a great role model for your kids and grandkids.

Tiffany Whisman

Hi Henry,
What a gift you have been to Broncos. I have the very best memories of coming to town and heading straight to see you! My dad absolutely adored you, which makes you pure gold in my book. I hope you have a fantastic time in retirement sipping coffee and doing whatever the hell you want.

Much Love,
Tiffany Whisman

Joe Fuccio

Congratulations on your retirement. After 61 Years now it is time to relax and enjoy a few of your favorite hobbies. Happy Retirement.

Gordy Kline

Congratulations you made it. Now you can do all the things you have waited for or do absolutely nothing. Enjoy and thank you for serving up the best sandwiches and fries I have ever enjoyed. God Bless and stay safe.

Marilyn White

All the way from 30th and Fort, many moons ago..Best of luck on your new normal.