Happy Retirement Henry!

Henry Retirement

After 61 years here at Bronco’s, Henry is retiring.  Henry worked with a lot of people over the years in a number of locations and many of you let Henry know what he meant to you. He loved to hear from you all.

Henry will truly be missed.


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Sheila Robertson

EnJoY your retirement 🥰
God bless you always & Thanks for all you have done in serving people for 61yrs !

Lynn Birney

Congratulations Henry! You will be missed.

Jule Lisenby

Congrats on your retirement!! Love broncos!! You will be missed

John Cap

Congratulations Henry on a great career! Living to 61 is tough not to mention working the same job for 61 years. Time to relax with the grandkids. Take care.

Roger Peek

Always nice to see you working when I stopped in

Charlene Jenney

Thankyou for all your dedicated years of serving customers.
I have been a customer since the early 70’s.
I believe all people should live by this scripture.
Matthew 7 :12

B J Jones

Have enjoyed seeing you and the little gold Saturn for so many years. When our children come home for a visit, we leave the airport and head straight to Broncos. Congrats. You we will miss you!

Denise Simants

Awesome loved it there

Kim Beebee

Henry, congratulations on your retirement. I have been going to Bronco’s since the 60’s...my family lived off 26th and Leavenworth and Bronco’s was our burger when we were lucky to eat out! Many thanks for years of deliciousness. Take care.

Joel Haver

I will miss your great smile that you always had as your we’re making those great burgers. Enjoy those Grandchildren

Tim Richardson

Henry: You should write a book on Broncos...Bill Barnes is Smiling!

Kevin D

WOW, I knew you had been there along time never did i imagine it was 61 years what an accomplishment. Thanks for the consistent service and burgers.
Enjoy your retirement you defiently deserve it.

Judy Ramaekers congratulations

Congratulations, job well done. Enjoy the grandkids.

Debi Hill

Thank you Henry for being you!! Now enjoy those grand kids!!🤗

Nancy Hornstein

Been going to Broncos since 1965 and have never left. My children and grandchildren have grown up eating hickory burgers fries and the delicious food you have been preparing since 1959
Enjoy retirement enjoy your family
You deserve it

Kris Melvin

Congratulations, Mr. Rice! Enjoy your retirement!!

Dennis Carman

Congrats Henry, wishing you great health for your time with all your grandkids. Thanks for all those great burgers

Mark Zach

Your daughter Shannon was on our daughter’s softball team when they were 8 yrs. old. You have been our friend at Bronco’s since. Good luck and enjoy those grandkids!

Terry Schneider

Great career and great burgers. Please build a Broncos next to me in Frisco, Texas

Cindy Leimbach

Enjoy your retirement! I met you throughout my first husband Dale in 1971. He worked for you around 68 or 69 on 30th street. You will love your time! Only boring people get bored!

Butch Vaughn

Butch has been a customer since 1959 & went to the one on 3oth & Fort. After we married we always went to the one on Leavenworth. Now it is our kids favorite hamburger joint. Happy retirement.

Josh B

61 years at the same place is a huge accomplishment. Broncos is one of my favourite places to eat in Omaha. It won’t be the same without ya (although quality will still probably ride). Best wishes in retirement!

Dawnette & Jacob Schmidt

Have fun in retirement. We retired a few years back!

Joseph Bower

Congrats sir!

Linda Reimer