Happy Retirement Henry!

Henry Retirement

After 61 years here at Bronco’s, Henry is retiring.  Henry worked with a lot of people over the years in a number of locations and many of you let Henry know what he meant to you. He loved to hear from you all.

Henry will truly be missed.


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Howard S

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making Broncos a wonderful place to Eat!

Don Miller

61 years is an unheard of accomplishment. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Broncos still has the best burgers and fries in town. Hope you taught someone how to caring on with the good food.

Sue Bidroski

Wow! 61 years!! Congratulations on your retirement!!


All I can say is thank you for your dedication. You will be truly missed but enjoy the rest of your life and make great memories.

Kassie Hager

Congratulations on well deserved retirement.

Anna Larsen

You were my Boss on 72nd street great man enjoy you're retirement

Chad Hill

Wishing you all the BEST Henry!! Thank you...


Congratulations Henry! Have enjoyed your service for many years. Thank you. Enjoy your retirement and may God bless you!

Kelly Irish

Your dedication & loyalty is so inspiring, thank you for being such a great role model!

Jackie Walz

Congrats on your retirement! You made Broncos a better place!

Helen Bridgeford

Henry, your smile & enthusiasm have been a blessing for all these years! You are truly appreciated! Enjoy retirement!

Susanna Schweikert

Congratulations Sir Henry❤️Thank You For YourYears of Service I wish you well ❤️

Robert Schutte

You deserve God's blessings! Do good and enjoy!

Fred Brdicko

Congratulations!! Enjoy your retirement!

Patricia Murphy

Congratulations, Henry! Thank you for your dedication to a great burger joint. I always loved those Bronco burgers with fresh onions, pickles, and mustard and of course, the greasy real potato French fries. I hope you make wonderful memories spending time with your grandchildren because they grow too fast. Good luck in the future! Patricia

Tom & Liz Spellman

Henry, thanks for all of years of service to Bronco's. You'll be happy to know you made some of the best hamburgers in town. We are both big fan's of Broncos. We hope you have a long well deserved retirement.

Tom & Liz

Kathy O’Brien

NOW that is dedication! Congratulations! 🥳

Cliff Baldwin

Best wishes always! Enjoy retirement you deserve it!

Jim & Claudia X

We’ve always loved the food especially the fish sandwich. Every time we visit UNMC we have to stop by Broncos. Good luck!

Preston Smith

Man I don’t know you but 61yrs at one place amazing amazing that an incredible accomplishment wish you good wish in anything else you do

Kathy Anderson (Barie)

Henry, you were my manager at 72nd street back in 1974. Thank you for all if the time and memories! You will be truly missed!

Frank and Lana Schafer

Have a Blessed retirement. Thank you !

Deb Waste

Enjoy the rest of your life!

Joe Minor

Enjoy your retirement and your grandkids going to miss you after all these years Good luck God Bless

Al Riedmann

congratulations Henry you will be missed!