Why not?  Whether you’re in the back yard around the grill or sitting in the ball park on a hot Saturday afternoon, hot dogs are one of our nations favorite foods.  Usually they’re handed out to kids at family BBQ’s while the adults enjoy hamburgers, chicken etc.  Cheap and easy to prepare, the mighty hot dog is truly an American staple.

While a Bronco’s Frankfurter Sandwich may not look like your typical ball park “dog”, it is actually a freshly grilled sausage – no mystery there.

The sun is out, you’re at the amusement park, and the rollercoaster is filling the air with the clack-clack-clack of wheels on rails. The scent of a thousand different fair foods fill the air, but one stands out above all the rest. It’s rich, it’s savory, it’s the smell of a thousand mysterious meat products put into one delicious sausage casing, broiled up on a flame grill, and sent out on a bun with all the fixings. Hot Dog Day celebrates this most delicious and tantalizing of treats, and its extensive history! – Days of the Year

But, what do you put on that famous dog?  Well, if you’re from Chicago, you NEVER, and I mean NEVER put ketchup on it.  Well, maybe you do, but you sure don’t brag about it.  And you would never break out a bottle of the red stuff with the label Chicago Dog Sauce.  Even if you are a big fan of the Chicago based Kraft foods conglomerate that makes it.

Chicago Dog Sauce

Dear Heinz, Chicago Does Not Want Your ‘Dog Sauce’

Ashok Selvam – Eater 

The renamed ketchup is an insult to the hot dog community

“Chicago is an amazing city full of traditions — of them, as you well know, is never putting Ketchup on your Chicago Dog,” reads an oddly capitalized press release. It continues: “While Heinz respects this time-honored tradition, the brand is hoping that Chicagoans will reconsider their anti-ketchup stance.”

Nah. Chicago’s good.

Heinz’s “Chicago Dog Sauce” — a limited-time-only cheap marketing ploy that disguises the company’s normal, bland ketchup with a new label — is an insult to Abe Froman and the rest of Chicago’s encased-meat community.

Here’s some Chicago-style sauce for you, Heinz. It might be too spicy for you to handle: Even after after the Cubs won the World Series (a.k.a. hell freezing over), it’s still unacceptable for “Chicago Dog Sauce” (MADE IN PITTSBURGH) to touch a Chicago-style hot dog.

Grilled onions and sport peppers can be optional. But “the salad on a bun” (mustard, pickle spear, neon-green relish, tomatoes, celery salt, raw onions) is a masterpiece. Don’t ruin the Mona Lisa with cheap red lipstick.

No one here cares about that “random” sample of gullible tourists who deemed this behavior acceptable. These traitors were caught on film along the lakefront. They might as well be Packers’ fans.

Ketchup is for french fries and children in Chicago. Deal with it.

Provided by Eater

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