French fries and ketchup

Ketchup Users Classified?


Today we’re going to discuss a favorite condiment here at Bronco’s (served by the gallon) – KETCHUP!

Ketchup is more than an order to “hurry and get up here”.  – Sorry 🤣

What can we say about ketchup other than “WE LOVE IT”? Is it still America’s favorite condiment or is it true what they started saying years ago that salsa had actually pulled ahead?

Here at Bronco’s Restaurants in Omaha Nebraska, we can attest to the fact that Americans really do still love their ketchup.

We can classify ketchup users in a number of ways, but here’s the top three:

  1. Dainty Dippers:  These are eaters that will pour ketchup into a small spot on their plate or wrapper and just “dip” the corner of a fry before placing it in their mouth.  Very dainty.  Very precise.  And I don’t think we’ve ever seen them use a napkin now that I think about it.
  2. Undertakers: These lovers of all things dripping will absolutely “bury” their fries with ketchup.  Of course they lose a lot of their sweet red nectar from the table to their mouths (most of which lands on their shirts).  Napkin usage scores “extremely high”.
  3. The rest of us: We are the pour and swipe group.  Place a nice dollop of ketchup on our plate and then “swipe” each fry through the stuff bringing it immediately to our mouths.  Yea, we may get a drop or two where we don’t want it, but overall we’re pretty clean when we leave.

But, of course there’s a dark side to our ketchup enjoyment: the bottles.
No matter how we try, too often we see this:

Maybe his genie can clean this up.
Now, you be careful out there.  Accidents like this are funny until somebody loses an eye.

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