Making Any Sacrifices For Lent?

A lot of us made New Year’s Resolutions, and come one, admit it, we’ve already dumped them.  I know the gyms are a lot less crowded already.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve given something up for Lent, or better yet, have you chosen to do something extra?  Maybe helping at the local animal shelter?  Picking up trash around your neighborhood?  Sometimes giving a little extra of your time means more than simple sacrifices, like no cookies.  I know the last one is hard.

If you’re reducing the amount of meat you eat this year, we’ve got a special right now for Lent you’re going to love.

Two hot and crispy grilled cheese sandwiches with a steaming hot bowl of tomato basil soup, oyster crackers and a drink of your choosing.  All for only $5.99.

We started serving this last week and it’s been a huge hit.  Stop by this week and find out for yourself.  It’s good and good for you.