“Meat” our newest burger – it’s one BIG S.O.B.

It’s our largest burger yet and one we know you’re going to enjoy.  We added it to our menu a few weeks ago, and our customers really love it.  We don’t see many ordering more than one at a time though, unlike our other best known burgers like the Big Bronco, Double Cheeseburger or Big Pony. 

The BIG S.O.B. is exactly that.  It’s a TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER with Sautéed Onions and lots of Bacon.

Come on by and order one yourself and see what everyone’s talking about.  Or better yet, silence those hunger pains for the entire day by ordering a BIG S.O.B. Combo Meal.

But just so you know, the BIG S.O.B. isn’t going to be around forever, so grab ’em while they’re here.