National Leave the Office Early Day

Today is not only Hump Day, our favorite day of the week, but it’s also…  NATIONAL LEAVE THE OFFICE EARLY DAY!

Leaving early?  Swing by Bronco’s and surprise the family with a bag of burgers and fries.  They’ll love you for it.

Have you had a Bronco’s Famous Patty Melt Sandwich yet?  Today’s a great day to correct that.  Leave work early and enjoy the BEST Patty Melt you’ve ever had.

Patty Melt Sandwich

A day for those who find themselves living to work instead of working to live.


If you find yourself putting in 10, 12, or even 14-hour days at work, you are not alone. National Leave the Office Early Day founder Stack, best known as “The Productivity Pro®” and author of the book, “Leave Your Office Early.” found that we Americans work hundreds of hours more each year than our European counterparts. Other studies by employment agencies and consulting firms confirm the American 8-hour workday has become somewhat of an urban legend. Longer work hours do not equate to more and better work, but they do increase worker fatigue and burnout.

Technologies like computers, the internet, smartphones, and wi-fi have added to work overload by allowing employees to extend the workday beyond customary business hours. Rather than walking out of the office on time for an evening of rest, relaxation, and renewal, many of us end up working another two, three, or four hours at home in addition to the eight hours in the office. Many of us just stay in the office those additional hours in a vain attempt to find some solace from work when we do arrive home late in the evening.

The stress of juggling family and work schedules, long commutes, deadlines, and spending long hours in a workplace not only zaps energy and endangers our health, but it also robs both employees and employers of the joys and rewards that honest work should provide. All work and no play is a proven recipe for disaster but one that can be avoided to the benefit of both employee and employer. Happy workers are productive workers, and greater productivity means greater profits and rewards for all. If you want more time outside work hours to enjoy with family and friends or to pursue hobbies and activities you enjoy, National Leave Work Early Day could be just the reboot you and your workplace need to restore greater work-life balance to the benefit of all. Hopefully leaving the office today having accomplished your work in less time will give you and your employer a taste of what you have both been missing.   Read More

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