Today Is Ancestor Appreciation Day

Today, it’s much easier to trace our family history than ever before. You can find your long lost ancestors and never leave your desk with the help of the online sources. Get out there and find your history.

If you’re saying, “Wow, everyday should be ancestor appreciation day”, we agree.  But, since we have all these days each year, we may as well assign each one a “special” holiday of their own right?  So each year, on September 27th, here in the USA, we celebrate Ancestor Appreciation Day.  It’s more about getting out there and finding your ancestry, building proof and then bragging about it relentlessly at parties.  “My Great, Great, Great, Grandmother invented linen”, or something like that.

Want to know where it started and why?  The National Today website has all the information you’ll need.  We’ve added some of this information below.  Enjoy.

And we thought we’d take advantage of your visit to our blog by adding our current coupon to the right here.  We hope to server you today – and bring your favorite ancestor stories with you.  We’d love to hear them.


The act of tracing one’s genealogy is a very ancient practice. In ancient times, knowing one’s genealogy was as vital as choosing the right partner for marriage. Both endeavors were even closely related, in the sense that people now began to marry people with whom they were not related. Since then, many families make it a duty to construct a family tree that extends into many past generations. But, it is not just to avoid closely related marriages that people do this. The concept of ancestry is very vital to a person’s identity, as it provides you a root for self-expression.

Today, many people can’t trace their lineage beyond a couple of past generations. They do not know the history of their families and sometimes, they do not remember their heritage. Ancestor Appreciation Day, which is celebrated every September 27, helps to reignite the importance of ancestry. It is a day when people are encouraged to ask questions about their lineage. It is also a day to spend with family and add some interesting photographs to the family album.

This holiday reminds us of the efforts of our ancestors and the wisdom of the elders. It is a day on which we appreciate the good works of our ancestors. The U.S. consists of several ethnic groups, many of which are native to other continents. Holidays like Ancestor Appreciation Day helps to remind people of their roots. It is a holiday that celebrates diversity and cultural heritage. It also brings people together, as many people come to discover distant relations.


Systematized Genealogical Research

Using genealogical and antiquarian pamphlets, John Farmer and other antiquarians drew public attention to genealogy.


Genealogical Society of Utah is Founded

The Genealogical Society is formed to help trace family lineages.


The American Society of Genealogists is Formed

This society is formed in honor of the U.S. genealogical field.


Ancestry Publishing is Founded

The company was founded to help people understand their heritage and history.

Bring your grandparents to Bronco’s today and ask them about their lives.  Pay attention, you never know what you may find out.