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Jim Healy

Happiest of Birthdays, Henry!
You were my first boss for my first real job, when I was just 16, at the Leavenworth Street store.
The first summer I was at Bronco's, which is still my favorite, I worked the day shift, with you calling the shots, Scott on grill and me on fries, though he and I switched sometimes. You were tough but fair, and you taught us all a lot.
Your attention to detail impressed me and has stuck with me as an editor over the years. Quality control is quality control in any business, after all. I remember you often saying "Eight, skate and donate," the meaning of which escaped me until I stumbled across the phrase many years later.
I stop in whenever I am back in the States (I now live in Beijing, where I continue my martial arts studies and practice) but haven't been home for nearly four years because of COVID. I dearly miss the "cheesy withs" and fries.
The last time I dined at the Leavenworth store, I was struck by how the freshness and flavor are EXACTLY what they were way back in the 1970s when I worked there. Even as I write this I am jonesin' for a double order with an ice cold Pepsi. I've gotta get home soon!
Thanks for setting a great example, thanks for being a key part of what Bronco's was and, thankfully, still is, and thanks for being a great guy. Here's hoping you stay happy and healthy! Cheers!

Christine Ochoa

Henry- Happiest of Birthdays to you sir! Thank you for being an outstanding example to all the Bronco's lovers in the Omaha community! May your day be filled with love and light 🥳🧁🥳

Kurtis Kemp

Happy Birthday Henry. Hope you enjoyed your day.🎂🎊🎁🎉❤️

David Stanfield

Happy Birthday Henry!!! 😀

Dwand Hall

Happy Born Day Henry

Donald Brayman

Happy Birthday Henry! We worked together at 72nd. St. back in the mid 70's. I worked nights with Jim Gibbs and Kevin Shepard. I hope your day is fun and amazing!


I don't know if you ever worked at the 30th Street shop but decades ago it was a treat for my brothers and I to get Bronco burger from there. And I've been to the Leavenworth store and 120th Street store since. Maybe our paths crossed then.
Anyway, Happy Birthday, Henry! Thanks for your part in keeping this part of Omaha going!

Melissa R

Happy birthday! Enjoy your day, week, month, year!!

Patty Ferguson

Hi grouchy, have a happy birthday!😍

Sharon Waffle

Happy Birthday, Henry!! I’m a former Clancy girl, you always took care of us on St. Patrick’s day and when the track was open!! Enjoy your day!!! You’re a legend!!